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I Am Simone!

It may surprise you to learn that I was not called Linda until I was 4 years old. Though my full name is Linda Simone, I was known only as Simone. I was named after my uncle, Simon Dante. From Simone to Linda So how does a small child go from being called Simone to […]

Seal the Deal with Engaging Customer Service

As a business owner, I enjoy helping small business owners with their online presence and email marketing. It’s fun to see their engagement increase and to experience their successes alongside them.  I am fortunate in that I work with an amazing group of business owners; every client is more than a client. Their support to […]

Understanding Your Mythic Journey On Social Media

When you post anything on social media (whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) you’re telling a story about who you are and how your brand works. So what kind of story are you telling? Is it big, exciting and engaging, funny and uplifting, with twists and turns and big revelations? Or is it stiff […]

How to Inspire People to Share Your Social Media Posts

People always and only share things that help them express their identity. Understanding this is the biggest key to inspiring people to share your stuff (articles, pictures, memes, videos) on social media. I’ll say it again because it’s just so basically, fundamentally, crucially true: people always – and I mean always, without exception – share […]

The Chicken or the Egg in Social Media

Let’s address a puzzling mystery: what comes first in building a solid social media presence for your business? Is it having all the bases covered (Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, email list, blog) or is it just creating great content? While it can seem like in order to connect with your audience […]

3 Steps to Use Twitter for Great Networking

As far as small businesses go, Twitter is for networking. What exactly does that mean, “Twitter is for networking”? It means that contrary to the conclusions of a lot of spammers and less-than-savvy small business owners, the best use of Twitter is not just to broadcast your advertising messages in 140 characters or less all […]