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Your marketing strategy is the foundation for your success! If you are not able to define your audience segments, verbalize your business goals or to identify what content will resonate with your audience, it is unlikely you will achieve the results you desire with your marketing. We have spent years developing a Digital Marketing Binder, which is now the basis for all our consultations. Learn more about our strategy packages below.

  • Marketing Strategy

    If you know you need to be reaching out to your audience, but are not sure where to begin or if you want to take your marketing to the next level, we will work with you to:

    • Create a content strategy
    • Define your audience
    • Expand your reach
    • Grow your list
    • Develop a social media marketing toolbox
    • Align marketing and business goals
  • Campaign Management

    Are you planning a special promotion to reach your existing and/or new audience? After discussing your goals (increase brand awareness, increase sales, drive traffic to a platform, capture new leads), we will develop a comprehensive campaign strategy. Using email marketing, lead magnets, funnel management, social media, online advertising and/or printed assets, we will develop a campaign that:

    • Entices your audience
    • Supports your business goals
    • Reaches your audience
    • Improves Engagement
    • Is measurable
  • Social Media Toolbox

    If you know you need to engage with your audience on social media, but you’re simply not sure where to begin, defining your social media toolbox might be the right place to start. After reviewing your existing online presence, we will provide a detailed analysis with recommendations for improvement and/or expanded use of your:

    • Website
    • Social media platforms
    • Online presence
    • Email marketing
    • Analytics

About Our Consulting Services

We strive to continually expand our skills and to stay abreast of technology advances, including the ever-changing world of social media. As members of the Social Media Marketing Society, and the H2HClub private group, we understand the value of surrounding ourselves with leading industry experts. These memberships enable us to share the latest strategies and advancements with you.

We believe that a strong strategy is customer focused. We recommend tools that support engagement, but steer clear of the ‘shiny object syndrome.’  The success of a strategy is based on a balanced approach of authentic customer engagement, the appropriate use of technology and on incorporation of the latest trends in digital marketing.

When you consult with The Small Biz Shop, you will receive our full attention. We will hold strategy meetings, and you will have homework between sessions. Upon completion, we provide you with a single reference document with an actionable strategy for use by you and your team. We want you to be successful! Therefore, we also offer extended support options that range from the option to call us with follow-up questions to full execution of the strategy on your behalf.