SMALL BUSINESS MARKETING Engage with Your Audience Increase Brand Awareness Increase Sales Be Recognized as an Industry Leader Grow Your Business

Whether you are looking for a little support with email marketing or social media or an inclusive package that also includes content creation, lead magnets, funnel management, and maybe even a little coaching, we have you covered. We help you grow and engage your audience, increase brand awareness and increase sales. Below is a listing of our most common services. The best way to determine the right size package for you? Give us a call!

  • Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

    How do you stay engaged with your audience? By sending them targeted messages to their inbox. We believe in email marketing so much that it is our core service. Email marketing continues to provide a better ROI than any social media platform. We use email marketing and related services to:

    • Engage with your audience
    • Increase sales
    • Position you as an industry expert
    • Market your events
    • Drive donation campaigns
    • Increase website traffic
    • Learn more
  • List Growth Strategies

    Your list is your most valuable asset. Individuals on your list are already interested in your product/or service. We help you build engagement with your community. Your list is so important, that we focus on helping you grow a permission based list that leads to engagement and sales.

    Why is your list so important? You control delivery of your message to your email list. You are not dependent on changing algorithms you don’t understand (Facebook, etc.). Unlike social media platforms, access to your audience cannot be taken away (remember Myspace?). We will work together to grow your email list through:

    • List growth strategies
    • Lead Magnet Setup
    • Funnel Management/Automated Messaging
    • Signup tools
    • Team coaching options
    • Cross-promotion between online audiences (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email List)
  • Social Media Support

    We get it! You have enough on your plate without managing all the day-to-day activities on Social Media, let alone keeping up with the constant changes.  We’d love the opportunity to support your social media efforts, but don’t be surprised if we encourage you to participate too. It is ‘Social’ after all! To expand your reach and engagement on social media, we will:

    • Post to your social platforms
    • Craft posts
    • Manage the editorial calendar
    • Engage with your audience
    • Coach you to engage and network
    • Target ads to increase likes, improve brand awareness or drive more traffic to your site
  • Graphic Design

    You’ve worked hard developing your brand. Your marketing assets should reflect that! We are not graphic designers, but we can support you with the basics. If you need graphic design outside the scope of our services, we have great partners we can work with. As part of your marketing package, we will:

    • Design social media cover images
    • Brand email marketing design
    • Design Graphics for your website
    • Customize images for social media use
    • Design flyers
  • Content Development and Content Sourcing

    No inbound marketing strategy is complete without great content. Whether you are a blogger or hate to write, we’ll make sure you have valuable and relevant content to share with your audience. We develop much of the content ourselves, but in certain cases will work with a trusted partner who is a writing expert. To support your content strategy, we will:

    • Blog
    • Source articles
    • Develop whitepapers
    • Craft automated messaging

Why is Marketing Support so Important?

It takes marketing to get you name out there, help your business grow and compete. Many small businesses don’t have a marketing department to perform those tasks and often struggle with finding the time to consistently market their services and businesses. The result can be measured in lost opportunities for business growth. The Small Biz Shop can become that marketing arm that consistently delivers. As an accredited Constant Contact Solution Provider we understand and implement the best practices in email marketing, event promotion, social campaigns and much more.

Editorial calendars can be designed and executed for ongoing blogging, social media postings and electronic newsletters to promote consistent messaging throughout a given month with the appropriate content created either by our team or the business owner. Repurposing this content through blogs, social media and newsletters can push information out to your audience in numerous ways.

Don’t get lost in the crowd. Let the experts at The Small Biz Shop keep your business front and center when customers are looking for your services.

Stay Informed!

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