Understanding Your Mythic Journey On Social Media

The Small Biz Shop - Social MediaWhen you post anything on social media (whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) you’re telling a story about who you are and how your brand works.

So what kind of story are you telling? Is it big, exciting and engaging, funny and uplifting, with twists and turns and big revelations? Or is it stiff and predictable and same-old-same-old?

As a small business owner or solo-entrepreneur, you are your business and your brand.

I want you to erase the thought from your mind that for social media purposes there’s a separable “personal you” and “business you.”  There’s not. In this time of intense transparency, there’s just you in all your roles, sharing who you are so we can connect with you.

Is the story of you and your brand vulnerable, intimate, and touching? Or is it closed-off and “professional”?

These days, “professional decorum” doesn’t get you all that far. Of course you don’t want your posts on social media to be crass, but your level of formality should be set to “socializing at a conference with peers and associates who are also good friends” rather than “addressing a room full of strangers who are judging me.”

A helpful way to think about this is to consider that the story of you and your brand that you’re sharing on social media is a mythic journey.

It’s the story of a hero (that’s you, wielding your trusty business acumen instead of a sword!) who goes out and conquers great obstacles (your daily trials and tribulations) in order to bring something of great value (your brand’s goods and services!) home to share with her village.

As they follow your story, your fans and friends learn about the processes and details that go into you doing what you do (triumphing over obstacles!) and what makes your brand distinctive and unique. In other words, they learn about the value of the great treasure (your brand’s goods and services) that you’re bringing to them as the fruit of your adventures.

So now that you know this important secret, what’s your next step? How will you share your brand’s mythic journey on social media? What exciting twists and turns will your fans and friends hear about next?

About the Author: Linda D’Angelo is owner of The Small Biz Shop, a place where business owners and nonprofit organizations can go for collaboration, consulting, learning, strategy and assistance with program execution. Working collaboratively with you, her small dynamic team helps you achieve your business goals via marketing and business support, workshops and consulting. The Small Biz Shop is an accredited Constant Contact Solution Provider and a HootSuite Solution Provider. Linda D’Angelo is also a Microsoft Office Accredited Specialist on several of the Microsoft Office products, including Master Certification on Office 2007. Linda also hosts a Roundtable Facebook group for entrepreneurs and small business owners. You can request to join at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSmallBizShop/