Email Marketing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Social Media…

Ever feel like throwing your hands up and shouting, “HELP!” If using social media to market your small business feels like learning a foreign language, The Small Biz Shop has exactly what you need! Our customized workshops and training are available on an individual or small group basis, and learning is made easy with our interactive, hands-on instructional style. Take a look below at all the ways you can learn with The Small Biz Shop.

One-on-One Hands-on Training:

Whether you are a beginner or you have a bit more experience on the social media platform we’re training on, we’ll take the time to identify YOUR needs and focus on what YOU need most. Whatever your starting point, you’ll definitely leave more equipped to engage your audience!

If you’re a do-it-yourself marketer, consider pairing your one-on-one training session with a customized account setup, and you’ll be ready to roll!

Your investment for a one-on-one training session is based on topic and length of training. *Bring a second team member from your company and save 50% on the cost of their session.

Small Group Hands-on Workshops:

Small group, hands-on training will be offered periodically on various social media platforms. This setting allows EACH workshop participant to learn exactly what they need, PLUS, you’ll have the opportunity to get feedback from your peer entrepreneurs and do a little networking.

Prices range from $129 – $149 per workshop.

Marketing Seminars:

Our marketing seminars are perfect if you’d like to learn more about a particular topic before diving in! Built with the busy entrepreneur in mind, we jam-pack these 60-90 minute sessions with information, best practice strategies and tips for success. Samples include: Innovative Email Marketing & Social Media, Expanding Your Reach with Local Deals and Coupons.

Pricing varies from $30 – $40. Watch for our newsletters, because we occasionally offer these sessions at no cost to our fans, followers and subscribers!

Live Online Training:

If you need a quick primer or you are unable to participate in on-site, hands-on training, then contact us about our one-on-one online training option. We’ll use online-sharing to walk YOU through the functions you need most, step-by-step. We can even ‘give you control’ and guide you to make sure you’re good to go. Video sharing is optional!

Online training is $79 an hour.

Pay-as-you go Training Support:

Once you’ve attended training at The Small Biz Shop, we understand that you might have the occasional question. It can be frustrating to ‘spin your wheels’ over one or two details. That’s why we offer a special pay-as-you go support option.

For as little as $20, we’ll answer your question and give you the direction you need to continue on your way. Pricing is $80 an hour, billable in 15-minute increments. If we think you’d be better off with a small support package at a lower hourly rate, we’ll be happy to share that option.

Why Attend Training at The Small Biz Shop?

Whether you are learning Constant Contact Email Marketing, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Pinterest, Twitter, or HootSuite, you’ll be working with a certified expert who has hundreds of hours of experience. Our instructors will help you gain confidence and walk away with the skills you need to be successful with marketing your business. Why wait? Register today by calling 888-448-4461 or contact us with your interest. Click here to learn more about the training offerings available on specific social media platforms.

Can you summarize the type of training formats offered for small business owners?

We offer a variety of training experiences ranging from one-on-one hands-on custom training to small group workshops and seminars. We also offer online training and a pay-as-you go support option.  The choice is yours!

How will I, a small business owner, benefit from your training?

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur or nonprofit manager, you don’t have to be a marketing professional to market your business.  We’ll provide you with a foundation to help you understand how social media works and how it can help you grow your business.  After determining which social media platforms are right for you and your business, we’ll help you learn how to manage some of your day-today marketing through social media and help you put together an online strategy that ties in with your business goals.