How to Conquer the Conundrum of Social Media

You know you need to engage in social media, but you don’t know where to start. Marketing gurus, business leaders, media resources and even family members are saying, “Do it,” but they can’t seem to tell you how.

The Small Biz Shop won’t leave you lost in the mysterious maze of social media. We have resources to help you become independent and to successfully promote your business through Blogging, Email Marketing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Social Media Training Workshops

Register online today for one or more interactive workshops.  For private sessions, complete our contact form or call us at 888-448-4461. You can also join our Workshop Club and pay only $99 for the selected workshop of the month, each focused on a different topic.  Contact us to signup for our workshop club.

Strategy Session: Find Your Starting Point!

If you’re not sure where to build your first social media presence, take advantage of this customized training to help you get you started. Before you dive into the how-to of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Email Marketing, we’ll help you identify what tools might work best for YOUR business.

$149 for 1-hour individual session.

Email Marketing: Don’t Waste Your Text!

Everyone is doing it, but few are doing it well. Your email marketing has the potential to either increase business OR alienate your audience. This Small Biz Shop workshop will guide you through best practices that can help you increase your open rate and protect your company’s  reputation.

$149 for 2.5-hour small group session; $199 for 2.5-hour individual session.  Workshop Details

Facebook: The Basics of Customer Engagement

This hands-on workshop will introduce you to Facebook best practices, help you develop creative posts, boost your visibility and provide an introduction to Facebook campaigns advertising. Walk away with a comprehensive training guide that will help you continue to successfully build your Facebook presence.

$129 for 2-hour small group session; $149 for 1.5-hour individual session.

LinkedIn: Your Results-Oriented Profile

Create an immediate positive impression by building a professional, results-oriented LinkedIn profile. Learn how to effectively organize your information, define key search terms and increase your visibility. A check-list will be provided prior to participation to ensure a complete profile.  We’ll also incorporate a number of written exercises to define your goals and objectives, audience segments, and YOUR unique strengths.  Continue to build your LinkedIn know-how with a comprehensive take-away training guide.

$179 for 3-hour small group session; $249 for 3-hour individual session.

LinkedIn: Ready, Set, Connect!

Don’t underestimate the power of networking. Statistics show that personal connections do more to advance your business goals and professional credibility than any other marketing or advertising effort. This Small Biz workshop provides hands-on practice and shows you how to request connections, initiate searches and queries, post useful statuses, publish important information and employ best practices.  We cover a lot in this session!  Therefore, this training can be broken into smaller segments upon request.

$199 for 3-hour small group session; $249 for 3-hour individual session.

LinkedIn: Advanced  Querying/Advanced Searches

This workshop is under development.  Check back soon or call for details.

Pinterest: Get Pinned!

While Pinterest is a fun way to find for great recipes and coordinating outfits, but there are also many effective business applications. Register for this workshop today and learn how to Pin, Get Pinned and Repurpose Your Pins.

$129 for 2-hour small group session; $149 for 1.5-hour individual session.  Workshop Details

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet: What’s All the Twitter About?

Today’s social media terms can be confusing and intimidating, but if you can count to 140, Twitter is the business tool for you! This Small Biz Shop workshop will start with the very basics, introducing you to the What, When, Where, How and Why of tweeting. No need to be an expert for this one. We’ll start with baby tweets!

$129 for 2-hour small group session; $149 for 1.5-hour individual session.

Social Media Support Plus!

Afraid one workshop won’t do the job? Don’t worry! Once you complete a specific social media training workshop, The Small Biz Shop will provide additional support in increments of 15 minutes, so you’ll pay only for the support you need! Incremental training is not available to those who have not completed the initial and advanced (if available) training sessions. $70 an hour/$17.50 per 15 minutes.

Pricing may be slightly different based on individual, customized needs.

The Small Biz Shop Difference

Each of The Small Biz Shop’s Social Media training opportunities provide a unique, hands-on and interactive environment. Don’t limit yourself to watching and listening when you can learn by doing!

The Small Biz Shop Workshop Area - Social Media Training

Inside The Small Biz Shop

You will build confidence and walk away with the skills to execute and apply best practices.

All training is led by a professionally certified social media expert with advanced Constant Contact Training, HootSuite Certification and hundreds of hours of experience, including training by the world’s top experts as part of the 2014 Social Media Success Summit.

Important: Each of The Small Biz Shop’s social media training opportunities are offered to small business owners, entrepreneurs and non-profits only. Workshops are not open to marketing professionals or businesses who actively offer or promote social media services and or training to an existing or prospective client base. No exceptions.