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It’s a fast-paced, high tech world. With so much information hitting your clients’ inbox every day, how do you raise your message above the noise? Most important, how do you create conversations that make your cash register ring?

Connection is the name of the game. It’s about understanding your community on a person-to-person basis. It’s about speaking to their biggest needs. It’s about sharing your voice with your audience on a regular basis.

And today’s email marketing and social media platforms make this easier than ever before.

This means getting into the heads of your clients and prospects and understanding what’s top of mind for them… right now. Then starting the conversation. Staying in that conversation and leading the conversation with your voice on a consistent basis.

Ah… I can hear you now. I know – there’s just not enough hours in the day!

That’s where we come in.

You get to be the expert in your space – doing what you do best. And we help translate that into meaningful conversations with more people, with more frequency and with more results.

We help you build trust and loyalty and share your stories with your community of people waiting to hear them. You grow your community person-by-person with conversations that are connected to what they want to hear – AND the solutions you deliver.

AND ALL OF THIS grows your revenue. One conversation at a time.

Shining a Light on Your Brand and Your Expertise:

YOU focus on what you do best. WE focus on creating client conversations that convert. It’s a powerful combination that results in:

  • More leads from an increased brand awareness. More referrals from an expanded referral network. More recognition for you as an industry expert.
  • A better understanding of your audience: their needs, their desires and what makes then tick and spend their valuable dollars with you!
  • A working content strategy that keeps your audience engaged and in-the-conversation and it keeps you top-of-mind as the expert!
  • A way to leverage technology to target specific messages to different segments of your audience at the right time.
  • A strategy to grow your list, drive traffic and expand your social media presence.

Email marketing has one of the highest ROI's of all marketing activities for small businesses. Make email marketing an integral part of your marketing strategy!

We meet you where you’re at by offering:

  • Online learning for the do-it yourselfers, so you can amp up your customer conversations right away.
  • Done-for-You start up and full-service packages, so you can focus your time on your own mastery.
  • Private coaching programs to help you build messaging strategies that elevate your customer conversations for more engagement.


Email Marketing is Our Specialty!

Select the Email Marketing Option that is Best for You. Getting Started is Easy!

We understand that your needs change as you grow your business. As experts in email marketing, we offer options so you can choose what's right for you!

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Social Media Marketing

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Meet Simone G

Approaching Email Marketing with a Creative Mindset.


Hi I’m Simone G!

I’ve been helping customers like you grow their businesses through powerful marketing conversations that convert for years.

My proven creative process helps me understand your business, your goals and your audience. The words I write let your personality shine through and give voice to your passions. Your stories, experiences, wisdom and knowledge become my fodder.

And yes, I learn what makes your clients tick. This is where the magic starts. It’s where the real two-way conversations begin. That’s engagement, and this leads to powerful relationships.

Let’s dig in! Reach out today for a 15-minute strategy session and let’s fuel the growth of your business, one conversation at a time!

Simone G
The Small Biz ShopSM

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Our Clients Say It Best!

"As newbies to Constant Contact, we found the instruction and advice of Simome at The Small Biz Shop to be invaluable. We were shown tricks and tips that made our foray into this new type of advertising a creative and fun journey. We would recommend The Small Biz Shop to anyone looking for a positive environment in which to gain critical insight on how to reach your potential customers, build a relationship, and generate return business."

Penny Novak of Novak Auto Parts
"Expert knowledge and gentle guidance"

"Visibility is her sweet spot. Marketing is her sweet spot. Getting people to not only to look at your business and to look at you is her sweet spot. So I can't say enough about Linda. She's God-sent and I truly appreciate her."

Tammy L. Davis of Nexlevel Consulting Services
"I'm very, very grateful for the patience that she's had with me"

"I have had the pleasure to work with Linda on an on-going basis. She is the consummate professional and knows how to get right to the point and get things done. The quality of work is outstanding and the turn-around time is fast. Linda’s communicates using outstanding questioning skills. As a result, she takes the complex and makes it simple, which translates into my exact vision becoming a reality. If you are looking to leverage your time and abilities by delegating non-core strengths, I highly recommend Simone G."

Bryan Whittington
"Consumate professional, outstanding questioning skills"

"Simone is an excellent writer, and we love her use of humor in her blogs. Not everyone “gets” us, and she does! Highly professional, perceptive, and thorough. Linda asks all the right questions and puts forth an entertaining, informative blog that we are extremely proud of."

Virginia Wall Gruenert of Off The Wall Productions
"Highly professional, perceptive, and thorough"

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