The Soul of an Entrepreneur

The Soul of an Entrepreneur
by Simone G

You have a dream,
Your passion is real.

You love what you do,
You set your own path.

Your gifts you share,
For they are not yours alone.

The risks are minuscule,
Compared to the freedom of your soul.

Challenges are welcomed,
For they are merely stepping stones along the way.

You strive to make a difference,
That only you can make.

You work tirelessly at your task,
For you have lives to change, impacts to be had.

Your greatest compliment is the success of another,
For whatever your role, large or small.

The success of others,
Makes your heart sing.

A difference you make, the ripples will spread.
To what extent outward, only time will tell.

If this rings true, then it must be said,
You have the soul of an entrepreneur.

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Why Email Marketing Will Continue to be Relevant

Once upon a time, in the not too distant past, you could market to, engage with and simply update most of your Facebook fans simply by posting an update to your business Facebook page. It was easy and quite a few of your fans even took the time to engage with your post! And... other than your time, it was FREE! 

Seems like a long time ago! We all know that in order to reach any significant portion of your Facebook audience now, you need to pay-to-play, just to even get your message to the audience base YOU built over time. Have you noticed that the cost to reach your own fans on Facebook, let alone new prospects, is ever-increasing? 

If we want to take this story one step further, let's remember that you do not own the social media platforms that you post on. Platforms come and go, rules change, and all your hard work building your audience can be gone along with a platform... remember Myspace?

Don't get me wrong, I 100% support engagement and advertising through...

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A Moment to Ponder: Our Days Are Limited!

Too often, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living and forget to take the time to think about the bigger picture - the picture of life. For every one of us, our days are limited. We know this, but how often do we think about it in relation to our daily choices, both in our work and our personal lives?

Today's pondering challenge is simple on the face. What kind of impact do you want to have in this world? What do you want to be remembered for? Now think about your personal and business goals. Do they support or detract from your ultimate desire, or are they completely unrelated… perhaps even busy work? 

As entrepreneurs, we have the ability to use our businesses to support our ultimate desires… financially, through our offerings, through our lifestyle, and even though our clients or products. We will leave an impact, so let's all make it a good one!

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A Moment to Ponder: Focus on Conversations!

It's not the coffee , it's the conversations!

As an entrepreneur, you never know when or where you'll run into someone who's insight might help you CLARIFY your goals, SPARK your creativity, ENERGIZE your business strategy, or CHANGE your perspective.

So the next time you're hesitant to start a conversation with someone you don't know, keep in mind... that person might positively impact you and you might have just as powerful impact on them.

Go ahead and strike up that conversation!

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A Moment to Ponder: Are You Living Your Dreams?

A Moment to Ponder: Is it time to pause to determine if you are REALLY living your dreams?

Are you where you want to be with your business success and life-balance? If not, what would happen if you put business GROWTH on hold for one quarter and focused on yourself, your business purpose and your direction:

  • How have you changed?
  • Have your goals changed?
  • What aspects still make you happy, which do not?
  • Has your ideal client changed?
  • Do you need new systems?
  • Is it time to change rates or add new services?

These are a few of many questions you can ask yourself.

If your business is not fulfilling your purpose and heart’s desire, maybe it’s time to pause, reflect, listen and then take new actions. I guarantee both you and your business will be the better!


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A Moment to Ponder: You ARE a Hero!

As an entrepreneur, how do you inspire others? Chances are, you inspire people more than you realize!

  • You have taken the risk to start a business.
  • You are going for your dreams.
  • You work long, hard hours to make a difference.
  • You are impacting individuals through your efforts.

Through the eyes of others, you are already a hero!

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